10×10 House

Bdt Plan
LOCATION Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam
STATUS Complete – 2022
CONTRACTOR Quoc Hung Co. Ltd
Minh Chuong Co. Ltd
HTC Window
STRUCTURAL ENGINEER Quoc Hung Co. Ltd – Tran Dinh Hai
PHOTOGRAPHS Goodshot – Chan Thach
DESIGN TEAM Nguyen Duc Bao Toan
Phan Thao Ngoc
Vu Tan Liem
Phan Thoai Lien
Pham Nguyen Hai Quang

We received an invitation from a long-time acquaintance to design a house for his mother on the site of their old home, where the family has lived for over 50 years. The plot of land, nearly square in shape, measures 263 square meters. The request was for a single-story garden house with good ventilation, abundant natural light, and cost-effective construction.

Our primary concern was to create a warm, well-functioning home that would be convenient to maintain and upkeep.

Initially, a square-shaped plan, spanning 90-110m2, was designed in response to the shape of the site. The layout included functions for the living room, dining room, kitchen, laundry area, bathrooms, and two bedrooms.

The extended roof creates a veranda space, serving as a buffer zone between inside and outside, diversifying the activities of the homeowners. Skylights installed in the roof enhanced lighting and ventilation for the bathrooms. The roof’s wind trap system, combined with ceiling vents and wall louvers, facilitated airflow, provided fresh air, and significantly reduced heat transfer from the concrete roof slab to the inside.

We have employed basic and simple architectural design solutions while focusing on addressing construction and MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) issues. White paint, transparent glass, glossy marble, natural wood… are materials used alongside the clean lines of Modernist architecture to explore proportions and spatial layers, evoking warmth and unobstructedness.

Nearly a year after the completion, we had the opportunity to revisit. The homeowner shared that on the first night back in the house, she had a restful sleep after decades of restless nights. She expressed happiness at feeling a sense of peace. This was our greatest joy.

“Any work of architecture which does not express serenity is a mistake” (Luis Barragan, 1980 Pritzker Prize acceptance speech)