An Suong House

Nha An Suong
Ansuong House Plan
LOCATION Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
STATUS Completed – 2017
CONTRACTOR Local contractor
Minh Chương Co. Ltd
HTC Window
STRUCTURAL ENGINEER Quoc Hung Co. Ltd – Tran Dinh Hai
DESIGN TEAM Nguyen Duc Bao Toan
Phan Thao Ngoc
Nguyen Thi Bich Tram
Ho Huy Phong

The An Suong House, spanning 5x20m, is a prototypical tube house of urban residences in Vietnam. The homeowner’s directive was to create a house that maximizes functionality while minimizing costs. With four floors, the lower two levels are dedicated to rental spaces, while the upper two serve as the homeowner’s residence, each area featuring its own entrance.

The design and layout of the house prioritize simplicity, neatness, and optimal functionality tailored to the homeowner’s requirements. The residential quarters include a living room, kitchen, two bedrooms, an altar, and a laundry area, all are incorporated by natural ventilation and lighting, even the bathrooms.

Adhering to the principles of Modern architecture, the design approach embraces clean, streamlined lines and minimalist aesthetics to uncover beauty from the ordinary and utilitarian.