D9 House

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Nha D9 Section
Nha D9 H
Nha D9 T1
Nha D9 T2
Mo Hinh 1
LOCATION Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
STATUS Unbuilt
DESIGN TEAM Nguyen Duc Bao Toan
Phan Thao Ngoc

Set on a flat, rectangular site, D9 House is strategically positioned to afford the owners an intimate connection with the garden while ensuring privacy.

The home is divided into two distinct zones, each with its own level of privacy. The single-story volume facing the gardens opens up generously, establishing a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor areas. This section accommodates the living room, kitchen, dining area, and master bedroom. In contrast, the two-story volume is more discreet and private, housing the main entrance, kitchen, laundry area, technical shaft, two bedrooms, and two bathrooms.