Thuy Xuan SOS Children’s Village

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2 Sos Thuy Xuan Plan Texton
1 Sos Thuy Xuan Site
LOCATION Hue City, Vietnam
STATUS Unbuilt

The Hue SOS Children’s Village is situated in a serene, verdant campus, characterized by gently sloping terrain. The objective of this project is to create a scalable housing model within the Village, tailored to accommodate a family unit comprising a Mother and her children, cultivating the most natural and stable living environment.

This house is designed to optimize communal living and learning spaces, providing an atmosphere where children can freely engage in daily life. The arrangement allocates the bedrooms, kitchen, and bathroom neatly within one half of the domicile’s footprint. Meanwhile, the expansive remainder of the structure serves as a versatile hub for a range of activities, including communal studying, dining, and recreation for the children. A low-profile storage system separates the sleeping quarters from the open space, providing storages without impeding sightlines and natural light within the house.